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We engage primarily with large companies in helping to solve issues with wholly-owned subsidiaries: human capital, balance sheet, income statement, off-balance sheet, operational, and/or legal.

  • Size: Up to $500 million in revenue (primarily, wholly-owned subsidiaries from large companies).

  • Earnings: Profitability not a requirement. Up to $10mm EBITDA.

  • Geographic Preference: North America (United States, Canada); Europe.

  • Characteristics: Significant recurring revenue or lack of customer concentration; primarily businesses without significant capital expenditures. Mission-critical products.

  • Industry: Agnostic.

  • Deal Structure: We are open to creative deal structures that fit the needs of the parent company—including structures outside the typical leveraged buyout approach.

If you have a company that meets this criteria, you can reach out to and (281) 940-3301.

Acquisition Criteria: About
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